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    Modern fish - an overview of the brand

    Independent travel design brand, founded in 2006 in Jiaxing. "A better suitcase," a modern initiative, simple and sincere. Focus on product research and development, so that the product has become a journey of caring and modern reliable partner. All series of nuts named, meaning there is solid shell, delicate heart, clever and beautiful natural gift, both design and simplicity of the details of human experience, accompany you to the heart.

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    Jiaxing city modern travel goods Co., Ltd. formerly known as Ruian Yi Yi luggage Co., ltd.. The establishment of modern travel goods Co., Ltd is the embodiment of the industrial extension, product level promotion and overall scale expansion of Yi Yi luggage Co., ltd.! The company was founded in 2002, China bags in an important production base - Zhejiang city of Ruian province and the national Xianjiang town - Zhejiang city of Pinghu province and the new town have built production base, is a set of R & D, manufacturing bags and marketing as a whole, one of the upstream and downstream industrial chain based local luggage industry leading enterprises.


Jiaxing modern tourist articles Co., Ltd.

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